Retinyl + Frankincense Restorative Oil Serum


"I've been using the Vis Viva Skincare Retinyl and Frankincense Restorative Oil Serum for 4 weeks now so I thought I'd give my opinion on it [...] I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to try this as it has made a big difference to my skin.

On the packaging it says 'This all-natural, aromatic facial oil combines antioxidants, vitamins and botanical ingredients in a unique formula that plumps the skin and restores its natural radiance'. I can confirm that it has 100% done that for me (& did in the first week to be honest)! 

I use this every evening at the end of my skincare, & when I wake up in the morning my skin is plump, smooth and glowing. Recently I have been out quite a few times with just mascara on, and felt completely comfortable. Sounds silly, but that is quite a big thing for me as I have always struggled with redness on my cheeks which has affected my confidence in the past, but this seems to have calmed the rosy cheeks down too. 

I 100% recommend this product and will definitely purchase a bottle when this one has ran out."


"I've been trying out this oil for a week or so and feel ready to share some thoughts [...] this oil had pretty immediate results for me...

I like the consistency of this oil (and the fact that it's pink, bit different) and a little goes a long way - on nights when I want to do a proper massage sequence on my face I would use 4-5 drops of this, it's a great facial massage oil! [...]

The morning after using this my skin feels super smooth, more even toned & the pores on my nose/cheeks aren't as noticeable"


"I find my skin feels super soft and plump soon after application, and the aroma of the Frankincense is gorgeous. Skin looks bright in the morning, yet is not stripped of moisture and no sign of sensitivity. I use a couple of times a week, and may increase as my skin is fine with it, plus it is pleasurable to use. A new retinol blend night serum that even the most sensitive skins will love, and well worth checking out."