"I'm obsessed with the texture of this- it's truly an oil serum, it almost feels like a water based serum, but isn't. It's extremely lightweight and my skin loves it." @devsday


"I use this every evening at the end of my skincare, & when I wake up in the morning my skin is plump, smooth and glowing. Recently I have been out quite a few times with just mascara on, and felt completely comfortable. Sounds silly, but that is quite a big thing for me as I have always struggled with redness on my cheeks which has affected my confidence in the past, but this seems to have calmed the rosy cheeks down too." @missmoobeautyskincarelover


"I find my skin feels super soft and plump soon after application, and the aroma of the Frankincense is gorgeous. Skin looks bright in the morning, yet is not stripped of moisture and no sign of sensitivity. I use a couple of times a week, and may increase as my skin is fine with it, plus it is pleasurable to use. A new retinol blend night serum that even the most sensitive skins will love, and well worth checking out." @chronicbeauty




 "Honey and Coconut are in the name, do I need to say more? It has a gel-ish texture, looks glossy, feels and is hydrating, and has a hint of a coconut scent (but no EO's or added fragrance!). It has honey and glycerin to attract moisture, lanolin, squalane, and coconut oil to seal in hydration, and allantoin to sooth, and willow bark to gently exfoliate. Basically, the perfect lip balm." @devsday


“This is hands down my favourite lip balm ever made. It’s incredibly moisturising and I love the size of the pot. I can actually fit my finger inside, or in a less hygienic manner apply it to my lips directly. Some of the ingredients include honey, coconut, squalane, willow bark extract and allantoin. More importantly it lasts for hours and has been really helping my sad, dry winter lips.” @therosegoldgarden